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First English Translated Snip Story

It has taken us a long time to bring back all the information from the old site to the new site, but the first translated story is now online. And currently I am working on more, however I am not the origional author of the texts, so I am taking my time to assure I get all the information down correctly.

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Dorpsgezicht met graafwerkzaamheden, Doezum 1905-1910, via Beeldbank Groningen


Distribution area Census of 1947 – name Snip The Snips in North Holland are generally Snips that do not belong to the Snip family described

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Snip, Willemke Pieters (Female) Willemke migrated to USA. Date: 1889 * 02-02-1859 in Doezum (Gr)+ 08-08-1905 in Roseland, Cook (IL) USA Parents:Pieter Jans Snip and Pietje Hoekstra Marriage: Hendrik

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Jelle Snip

The father of Jelle Snip

At the registration of the birth of Jelle (* 01-01-1930), the son of Grietje Wygers Snip, a certain Geeske Jans van Zannen (Zanten) is the

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Janke Roelf Bouwes

The gravestone of Lutske Snip

On the gravestone of Lutske Snip, the following text is written: “deceased while saving her child August 9, 1926.” When someone reads something like this,

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