Grietje Smitter 14-07-1852

Smitter, Grietje (Maggie)

* 14-07-1852 in Midwolde (Gr) NL
+ 01-11-1918 in Grand Rapids (Michigan) USA

Beroep/Profession: Huisvrouw/Housewife


Ouders/Parents: Nicolaas Smitter en/and Trijntje van Dijken

*It is not totaly certain that Grietje is the same as Maggie and on the death certificate her birthyear is different, (day and month are the same) but she can’t be born then, her brother Egbert is born in 1855

Huwelijk/Mariage: …………………. in …………………. met/with

Jan Krombeen (John)

* 20-01-1851 in Kloetinge (Zl) NL
+ 19-11-1918 in Grand Rapids (Michigan) USA



Ouders/Parents: Antonie Krombeen en/and Jacoba Hoekman


Cora Krombeen * 16-01-1881 in Michigan, USA
+ 26-12-1949 in Grand Rapids (Michigan) USA
Nicolas Krombeen * 29-05-1884 in Grand Rapids (Michigan) USA
+ 12-07-1973 in Grand Rapids (Michigan) USA
Tena Krombeen * 17-10-1887 in Michigan, USA
+ 23-04-1954 in Grand Rapids (Michigan) USA
Anthony Krombeen * 24-10-1890 in Grand Rapids (Michigan) USA
+ ??-05-1966 in Kent (Michigan) USA
Gerrit G Krombeen * 22-02-1895 in Grand Rapids (Michigan) USA
+ 27-05-1948 in Grand Rapids (Michigan) USA