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The father of Jelle Snip

Jelle Snip

At the registration of the birth of Jelle (* 01-01-1930), the son of Grietje Wygers Snip, a certain Geeske Jans van Zannen (Zanten) is the informant. This Geeske Jans is the mother of Jan Pieters Snip. He is married to Willemke Wygers Snip, an older sister of Grietje. A father of Jelle is not mentioned […]

Marsh Fire Zevenhuizen

Stockphoto by Ries Bosch via Unsplash

The greatest disaster to ever strike Zevenhuizen occurred on Tuesday, June 11, 1833. The events of that day must have made an unforgettable impression on all family members in the wide area and have been passed down from father to son for generations. This day began like any other. The sun warmed the ground, and […]

The gravestone of Lutske Snip

Janke Roelf Bouwes

On the gravestone of Lutske Snip, the following text is written: “deceased while saving her child August 9, 1926.” When someone reads something like this, one wonders, what exactly happened that day and what became of her child(ren)? Hence, my research into this family tragedy. Lutske, a daughter of Siete Snip and Antje van der […]

The Children of Pieter Popkes Snip

Imkje Snip

Pieter Popkes, a son of Popke Wobbes, was born around 1764. He married his cousin Geertje Hendriks on May 20, 1787. From this marriage, at least 2 children were born, Grietje and Ebeltje. Grietje seems to have been named after her father’s mother, Grietje Jans, and Ebeltje after Geertje’s mother, Ebeltje Wobbes. Grietje was born […]

The Search for Aaltje Cornelis

Wobbe Popkes

Aaltje Cornelis For a long time, the birth of Aaltje Cornelis, wife of Wobbe Popkes, could not be found in the archives, until the baptism of Aeltie, daughter of Cornelis Wijgers, was discovered in the baptismal register of the municipality of Wijnjeterp, Duurswoude, and Bakkeveen (July 13, 1704). It was likely that she was the […]

Searching for Ebbel en Ebeltje

Hoogkerk Nijverheidsplein fontein 1935, via Beeldbank Groningen

My search for the descendants of Ebbel and Ebeltje, described in more detail. On Tuesday, March 20, 2006, I came across a website via the internet, which mentioned the birth of a certain Siete Snip on 11/05/1909 in Hoogkerk and his passing on June 28, 1973, in Schiermonnikoog, buried in Midwolde. Siete was said to […]

Youthful Criminal

Grietje Pieters Snip

Grietje Pieters Snip:  *12-06-1788   +24-09-1837 On April 9, 1807, Grietje Pieters Snip was arrested for theft from the house of Johannes Tonnis and his wife Jeltje Martens, residing at Oosterzand under Oldekerk. According to the victims, the following items were stolen: A yellow striped women’s skirt, a blue dotted women’s blouse, a red cloth, […]

Ice Skater Hendrik Snip

schaatser Hendrik Snip

Former speed skater Hendrik Snip passed away in 1963 On Friday, December 27, 1963, at the age of 76, the former speed skater Hendrik Snip passed away in Noordwijk. Formerly residing in Sebaldeburen, Mr. Snip’s life shone with the glory of many years of speed skating, particularly in short track. Born on February 4, 1887, […]


Dorpsgezicht met graafwerkzaamheden, Doezum 1905-1910, via Beeldbank Groningen

Distribution area Census of 1947 – name Snip The Snips in North Holland are generally Snips that do not belong to the Snip family described on this website. Number of people with the same name per municipality in 2007

Memories of Hoogkerk

Hoogkerk molen van Wouthuis in de verte toren van Gereformeerde Kerk

Below follows a description of a part of the life of his grandparents Geert Jacobs Snip, born on 20-10-1870 in Enumatil and married to Froukje Boerema, born on 12-06-1870 in Sebaldeburen, as well as the early years of the writer of this text in Hoogkerk. Grandpa Snip My grandfather Geert was sent “out to farm” […]