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Dorpsgezicht met graafwerkzaamheden, Doezum 1905-1910, via Beeldbank Groningen


Distribution area Census of 1947 – name Snip The Snips in North Holland are generally Snips that do not belong to the Snip family described

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Snip, Willemke Pieters (Female) Willemke migrated to USA. Date: 1889 * 02-02-1859 in Doezum (Gr)+ 08-08-1905 in Roseland, Cook (IL) USA Parents:Pieter Jans Snip and Pietje Hoekstra Marriage: Hendrik

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Jelle Snip

The father of Jelle Snip

At the registration of the birth of Jelle (* 01-01-1930), the son of Grietje Wygers Snip, a certain Geeske Jans van Zannen (Zanten) is the

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schaatser Hendrik Snip

Ice Skater Hendrik Snip

Former speed skater Hendrik Snip passed away in 1963 On Friday, December 27, 1963, at the age of 76, the former speed skater Hendrik Snip

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