Egbert Smitter 16-06-1866

Smitter, Egbert (Albert)

* 16-06-1866 in Zuidhorn (Gr) NL
+ 26-03-1901 in Caldwell (Michigan) USA

*In the death certeficate the names of his parents are wrong (names of his own family)

Beroep/Profession: Boer/Farmer


Ouders/Parents: Lammert Smitter en/and Weike van de Dijk

Huwelijk/Marriage: 12-09-1888 in Grandville (Michigan) USA met/with

Aaltje Kelder (Ida)

* 07-08-1865 in Startenhuizen (Gr) NL
+ 04-09-1960 in Detroit (Michigan) USA

She remarried Folkert van der Wal







Ouders/Parents: Thomas Jans Kelder en/and Elske Pieters Zwijghuizen


Katherine * 04-06-1889 in LaMoure (South Dakota) USA
Thomas * 17-03-1892 in LaMoure (South Dakota) USA
+ 04-04-1909 in Clam Union (Michigan ) USA
Lambert * 25-05-1899 in Caldwell (Michigan) USA






Thomas died of TB at the age of 17 in Clam Union, Missaukee.Michigan. He was placed in an unmarked grave, next to his stepbrother John, a son of his mother Aaltje Smitter and her second husband Folkert (Frank) Vanderwal. This grave was discovered in 2007 in a sextons report and a tombstone was placed on the grave.