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Stamboom Snip in English

Dear international Snip relatives,

Currently we are hard at work transferring the old site to the new, but in the near future we will translate the current (and future) stories to English for you to enjoy. However this will take some time, so please check back with us soon.

If you have information for the family tree, please contact us through our contact form or send an email to paulsnip [at] and we will come back to you shortly.

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Soccer Player Klaas Snip

Soccer Legend If there ever were to be a Hall of Fame in the Oosterparkwijk in the city of Groningen, then surely there would be

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Hoogkerk molen van Wouthuis in de verte toren van Gereformeerde Kerk

Memories of Hoogkerk

Below follows a description of a part of the life of his grandparents Geert Jacobs Snip, born on 20-10-1870 in Enumatil and married to Froukje

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Transporting Turf

On January 8, 2012, I received this beautiful photo of a truck full of peat from Jane Cathy Snip (*19-10-1973) living in Canada. I was

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