Snip, Willemke Pieters (Female)
Willemke migrated to USA. Date: 1889

* 02-02-1859 in Doezum (Gr)
+ 08-08-1905 in Roseland, Cook (IL) USA

Parents:Pieter Jans Snip and Pietje Hoekstra

Marriage: Hendrik Streelman Date: Jul 8, 1893 Place: Chigaco, Cook (IL) USA

Snip, Pieter Jans (Male)
Pieter migrated to USA. Date: May 6, 1892 Ship: Obdam

* 10-10-1827 in Doezum (Gr)
+ 04-03-1901 in Chicago, Cook (IL) USA

Profession: Farmer

Parents: Jan Pieters Snip and Willemke Wygers (Wiegers) Snip

The Snip Family: Father Pieter, Mother Grietje (Dopsema), Pieter’s Son Jan and his wife Antje (Slagter), their son Pieter and the children of Pieter and Grietje, emigrated to America. They departed Rotterdam with the ship “SS Obdam” (line 0112) and arrived on Ellis Island at May 6, 1892. The family went from Kensington (Illinois) to Chicago. They were also accompanied by Grietje’s daughter Frouktje, her husband Jacob (Venhuizen) en their daughter Eltje. Jan and Antje moved to the state of Michigan.

Snip, Jan (Male)
Jan migrated to USA. Date 1902

* 20-02-1869 in Doezum (Gr)
+ 15-03-1944 in Sanborn (Iowa) USA

Profession: Farmer

Jan attended school in Holland from 1889 to 1892 and was a member of a regiment of Grenadiers and Green hunters (Riflemen).

Parents: Willem Jans Snip and Matje (Martje) Barelds de Jong

Jan was married to Wilhelmina Bakker

Snip, Willemke Wiegers (Wilhelmina)(Female)
Willemke migrated to USA. Date: Mar 15, 1910 Ship: Rijndam

*  23 11-1858 in Doezum (Gr)
+  25-11-1922 in Monroe (Iowa) USA

Profession: Housekeeper

Parents: Wieger Snip and Grietje Bruins Hoekstra

Willemke was married to Jan Sybes Siebenga

Snip, Geert Jan (Male)
Geert Jan migrated to Canada. Date: 1931

* 23-02-1906 in Haren (Gr)
+ 13-05-1980 in Hamilton (Ontario) Canada

Profession : Organplayer in the Martini church in Groningen.

Parents: Willem Snip and Jacoba Nieboer

Geert Jan was married to Harmanna van der Wal

Snip, Anke (Anna) (Female) 
Anke migrated to USA. Date Dec 12, 1947 Ship: Veendam

*  08-09-1901 in Opende (Gr)
+ 29-07-1986 in South Holland, Cook (IL) USA

Profession: Housewife

Parents: Gerrit Snip and Jakobje Land

Anke was married to Johannes van Wieren and later in the USA to Anne (Andrew) Hekkema

Snip, Jurjen (John) (Male)
Jurjen migrated to Canada. Date: Mar 11, 1949

* 19-09-1912 in Tolbert (Gr)
+ 21-11-1963 in Kingsville (Ontario) Canada

Profession: Dairy farmer

Parents: Popke Snip and Albertje de Jong

Jurjen was married to Roelfke Kajuiter

Snip, Klaas (Clarence) (Male)
Klaas migrated to Canada. Date: Mar 16, 1951 Ship: Volendam.

* 03-03-1917 in Nieuwe Pekela (Gr)
+ 17-07-1995 in Dunnville (Ontario) Canada

Profession: Baker, Egg Grading Station owner and Church organist.

Parents: Jannes Snip and Jantiena Jans Huizinga

Klaas was married to Martje Nienhuis

Snip, Onne (Male)
Onne migrated to Canada. Date: May 07, 1953

* 14-03-1928 in Doezum (Gr)
+ ……………… in …………………..

Profession: Caretaker

Parents: Geert Snip and Aaltje Postma

Onne was married to Albertje Wijma

Snip, Trientje (Female)
Trientje migrated to Australië Date: 1954 Ship: Sibajak

* 08-01-1918 in Aduard (Gr)
+ ……………… in …………………..

Profession: Shop assistant

Parents: Marten Snip and Annechien Bruning

Trientje was married to Johannes Lutgerink

Snip, Janke (Female)
Janke migrated to Australia. Date: 1952 Ship: Nelly

* 28-09-1910 in Oude Pekela (Gr)
+ 10-11-1962 in Adelaide (Australië)

Profession: Factory worker

Parents: Jan Snip en Anna Dorathea Renken

Janke was married to Gerardus Gerrits

Snip, Ite (Ian) (Male)
Ite migrated to Australia. Date: Juni 2, 1950 Airplane: DC-4 VH-EBO

* 12-06-1928 in Groningen (Gr)
+ 19-07-2012 in Adelaide (Austalia)

Profession: Earth mover/Entrepreneur

Parents: Jakob Snip and Reina van Steinvoorn






Marriage: Joy Simpson Date: November 17, 1951 Place: Brisbaine (Australia)

After their marriage the couple left Australia and went to Scotland; their children Linda Christina and Paul Arnold were born there. On the 28th April 1966 the family returned to Australia by boat. (Ship: Fairsea)

Snip, Pieter (Male)
Pieter migrated to Australië. Date: 1977

* 04-12-1948 in Kornhorn (Gr)
+ ………………. in ……………………

Profession: Car mechanicer

Parents: Hillebrand Snip and Engelina Vrieling

Pieter was married to Harmke Iepema and later in Australia to Wilhelmina Plantinga

Snip, Jantina (Female)
Jantina migrated to Australië. Date: 1959 Ship: Johan van Oldenbarnevelt

* 21-10-1939 in Groningen (Gr)
+ ……………… in …………………….

Profession: Housekeeper

Parents: Hillebrand Snip and Engelina Vrieling

Jantina was married to Rindert de Haan

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